Buying On Finance

Opening a restaurant, café, takeaway, or even replacing essential equipment can be expensive. At KRD Catering, we strive to make the process easier for you with our fast and efficient service. We aim to simplify financing your new project or equipment. Depending on your circumstances, your business may qualify for financing. We provide various finance and payment methods to help you get things done smoothly. Our finance options include:


Spread the cost of orders up to £30,000 with iwocaPay
We accept iwocaPay to give trade customers more control when it comes to paying. iwocaPay is available for UK Limited Businesses and LLPs on orders of £150 to £30,000.

Here’s how it works:
Set up a spending limit with iwocaPay ahead of your next purchase

We use iwocaPay to provide our trade customers with an approved spending limit up to £30,000. You can use as much or as little of it as you like. Click here to set up a spending limit with iwocaPay It only takes a few minutes and won’t affect your credit score. If you’re approved you’ll be able to spread the cost on all your orders up to your spending limit.

Select iwocaPay at the checkout 
You’ll get redirected to the iwocaPay checkout page to complete your payment. Once that’s done we’ll received the funds from iwocaPay and process your order. If you need a hand or get stuck give iwocaPay a call on 02037780549.
When you get to the iwocaPay checkout you’ll see two choices
Pay Now: in just a few clicks, you can scan a code to pay us straight from your bank account.
Pay Later: you’ll be able to set up a payment plan with iwocaPay to split the cost into 3 or 12 equal monthly payments.

Column 1 Column 2
Pay in 3 Pay in 12
Interest free
You don’t pay a penny for the first 30 days
We get paid right away
You pay in 3 equal monthly instalments
Interest based on your business
You don’t pay a penny for the first 30 days
We get paid right away
You pay in 12 equal monthly instalments


Click here to view iwocaPay’s FAQ’s.
If you would like to hear more or have any questions or queries call iwocaPay on 02037780549 to speak to an account manager today.


With PayPal Express, you can rest assured your payments are made securely. Pay in instalments with no interest across the span of 3 months. Just pay using PayPal at checkout and select 'pay in 3' on your account.